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Guada Comamech is a fashion blog site that is designed to educate and inspire fashion-conscious people around the globe. We are always seeking creative photographers, writers, and fashion professionals who share our love of the arts and diversity as well as sustainability.

If you’ve got your own unique perspective on beauty, fashion, or lifestyle We invite you to join Guada Comamech as well as share your ideas with our community. Here are some guidelines and subjects that can aid you in starting:


  • Articles must be unique, interesting, and thoroughly researched. We place a premium on the quality of your content over quantity, so be sure to take your time to create your content and proofread it prior to sending it.
  • Articles must be in English and a minimum of 500 words in length. We will accept casual and formal styles of writing, so long as they’re appropriate to the topic and the audience.
  • The content should be high-quality and include images or videos that are in sync with the text. If you’re an artist or videographer you may also submit your images separately provided you have ownership rights over them and give us permission to publish the content on  Thefilthseries.
  • The content should not endorse any particular products, services, or brands, in the absence of being relevant to the subject and providing value for readers. We have the right to modify or delete any content we find inappropriate or insignificant.


  • Trends and fashions Discuss your thoughts on the latest trends designs, styles, and fashions, or show off your own style and imagination.
  • Wellness and beauty: Discover the world of wellness and beauty including makeup and skincare guidelines to healthy lifestyles and self-care techniques.
  • Culture and lifestyle: reflect on the interplay between culture and fashion, or share your thoughts and views regarding food, travel music, art, and more.
  • Sustainability and ethics: Talk about the issues and opportunities associated with ethical and sustainable fashion and how they affect the industry and society.

To submit your article or visual content, please send it to us via our mail, along with a short bio, a profile picture, and any relevant links or social media handles. We’ll review your submission and respond to you in two weeks.

We appreciate you considering  Thefilthseries as a place to showcase your talents and creativity. We are looking forward to getting to know you better and sharing your thoughts and experiences with us!

If you have any questions or concerns about guest post submission, please email us at info@guadacomamech.com.