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Top New Opal Jewellery Arrivals On Masterpiece Jewellery

Top New Opal Jewellery Arrivals On Masterpiece Jewellery

Top New Opal Jewellery Arrivals On Masterpiece Jewellery

When it comes to shopping for the best opal jewellery in 2023, one key factor to consider is how to find the best store. The best store should be able to deliver you pieces of opal jewellery that represent everything you ever wanted. The best store, such as Masterpiece Jewellery, offers authentic Australian opals, which are known to be more valuable than opals sourced from other regions.


Read on to discover the latest opal jewellery and other gemstone jewellery pieces you can consider shopping for on Masterpiece Jewellery in 2023.

Gemstone jewellery new arrivals

Are you currently interested in shopping for the latest gemstone jewellery arrivals in 2023 on Masterpiece Jewellery? If yes, below are a few top products you can consider going for:

●    Platinum and Rose Gold cluster Pink Diamond and White Diamond ring

gemstone jewellery
gemstone jewellery

Our Platinum and Rose Gold cluster Pink Diamond and White Diamond ring is a perfect pick for men looking to engage their partners in 2023. Furthermore, this stunning ring is also suitable and can be used alongside your everyday dress.


This ring, which is suitable for Finger size N, is crafted from 18-carat rose gold and platinum. It’s GIA Certified and comes with a 20-round brilliant cut white diamond that weighs 0.23ct.

●    14kt Yellow Gold 10.05ct Citrine and Diamond earrings


With our 14kt Yellow Gold 10.05ct Citrine and Diamond earrings, you can easily elevate your outfits. These dangling earrings are gold-framed with 14-karat gold and designed with other amazing features.


With these 14kt gold-framed earrings, you can easily draw more attention to your look. You should go for them if you want to be the centre of attention everywhere you go.

Opal jewellery new arrivals

Are Australian opal jewellery pieces still worth investing in today? The simple answer is yes! Regardless of your taste, these jewellery pieces will certainly make stunning additions to your wardrobe.


In case you don’t know, opal jewellery has been around for thousands of years. Even as such, the interesting part of these gemstones is that they increasingly become more popular every year.


2023 will see more people investing in Australian opals. If you’re also interested in investing in the latest opal jewellery, here are a few products you can consider buying on Masterpiece Jewellery:

●    Opal bracelets


A woman’s jewellery box isn’t completely without opal bracelets. One good thing about these bracelets is that they never go out of style. One of the newest arrivals in our collection is this Sterling Silver 8x6mm Light Opal bracelet. This product, which also comes with an open marquise link design, is ideal if you’re looking for a piece that’ll make you feel beautiful inside and out.

●    Opal necklaces

Opal necklaces are ideal for different kinds of outfits. Depending on your outfit, a carefully picked opal necklace can bring out the best of your look. For instance, this Rose Gold plated Silver 8x6mm White Opal cluster pendant will go well with your everyday outfit and not complicate it. You can also buy and wear this classic piece for special occasions to add sophistication and elegance to your look.


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