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The 8 Unspoken Rules to Winning Her Over

The 8 Unspoken Rules to Winning Her Over

Unspoken Rules

We always take the phrase that ‘every human is unique’ casually. As a man, well-built, handsome, looking classy and all, you are confident no woman will dare say no to you.

But what if we’ve been fooled all along about what women really look for in men?

What if they take the romance game as an Olympics, where one simple mistake and you are out?

It’s a no-brainer that women are picky when it comes to dating. If you doubt that, dare talk to a waitress in a bad tone when she’s around, and I bet that will be your last day out together.

Suppose we had a cheat list? One we could follow and make sure that her decision will be based entirely on her reasoning and not our actions.Unspoken Rules

In this article, I’ll lay out the eight actionable rules that you can follow and not be the scapegoat if things don’t turn out well.

And here’s the catch, this list has been coined by talking to more than 60 women on what they really want, what puts them off, and what they deem as deal-breakers.

Let’s dive right in…

1. Be the Lion in the wild
Don’t get me wrong, and go acting funny out there. An anonymous speaker once said that a lion is identified as the king of the jungle by other animals, but it doesn’t call itself so.

See where we are heading?

Women want to feel you lead them, but not dictate. They want to feel safe around you, trust you and feel cared for by you.

Any decision you will make in the relationship better put into consideration both of your feelings, lead the communication, and suggest and take the lead on things that will make your relationship grow.

2. Learn to listen
It’s funny how people have never understood the difference between listening and hearing.

Listening is intentional; earing is automatic if you have functional ears.

Learn to listen, not to reply but to understand. Communication is a major growth tool for relationships; how you use it can make or break your relationship.

Ladies will always pay attention to how you treat their rantings. Do you have an equivalent story to every ranting they let out? Do you listen and be empathetic to them?

Poor communication won’t manifest itself immediately but will build up over time. Science backs up the claim that women talk more than men, so don’t compete… let them prove science right.

A pro tip: sometimes these female beings can say the opposite of what they mean, so to avoid some surprise hot water shower, pay attention to their body language.

3. Be selfless
This goes without a doubt. Being selfish will not only deny you a chance at love but can also rid you of your male friends.

The previous tip is also backed by this. Listening without talking of your own scenarios… That’s being selfless.

4. Manner up!
This is a general tip that you ought to apply even when not soliciting love favors.

And remember, never get an excuse for bad behavior. No matter how understandable your reason might be.

A simple ‘please’ or ‘thank you go a long way to differentiating you from an animal.

5. Have a plan

Or at least look like you do; fake it till you make it… feel me?

This, in part, ties in with leading ahead. Women want to see you plan the next date out. They want to feel like they are with a person who understands what they are doing.

Even if you are green in the dating environment, just sound composed and with a set-out plan.

6. Be vulnerable
I know here’s where we’ll part ways.Unspoken Rules

Masculinity persuades otherwise. But we are human beings, emotional beings; we also get hurt…

A warning, though… this is not a tip for the first few dates. Do this only when you are comfortable with each other.

7. Don’t look or sound old
There’s no freaking way you will bring an old vibe to date. Unless that’s intentional, it is a no! No!

Be updated and know what’s going on around the world. Sound like you know things apart from yourself.

8. Be funny
Don’t overdo it, though. Turn those moments into memories. Make her forget herself for a while. Compliment her teeth when she laughs.

With this, you will build trust. Plus you’ll have a good time…

Win, win?

Just remember, as you apply these tips, that too much of anything is poisonous. You might have good intentions, but you’ll come out as someone weird.

Incorporate this into your first date and win yourself a second one…

Which is your favorite?

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