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Men’s Casual Style: Inspiration and Tips To Create Yours

Men’s Casual Style: Inspiration and Tips To Create Yours

One of the ways to mark your personality is precisely through your clothes. The men’s casual style is one of the most popular and coveted by men. After all, it is super versatile and shows that you like practical and casual things without giving up what is good!

Whether with shorts or even a printed t-shirt, the casual style can be used on different occasions. To help you put together an interesting look, Red Beard’s Outfitter will show you some pieces and combination tips that are essential in men’s casual clothing style!

What Is Men’s Casual Style?

It is common in the male world to find a preference for dressing more casually, offering freedom when moving the body. The challenge for many is achieving this goal without looking sloppy and maintaining elegance.

The definition of casual style appears as an answer for those who want simplicity in front of the mirror. In other words, this type of style is nothing more than the combination of several pieces with basic modeling that do not go out of fashion over the years.

Adopting a casual look allows you to go straight from work to happy hour with friends, for example, or even meet a special someone. This is because this type of men’s clothing is very democratic and can be used in spaces with different formalities.

How Do You Put Together a Casual Masculine Look?

Anyone who thinks that casual men don’t care about their appearance is mistaken, like someone who wears the first item they find in their closet. To follow this trend, you need to know how to put together casual combinations with simple pieces that often appear in different outfits – always showing comfort in each one.

The best thing about this style is that you don’t need a large number of clothes in your closet to look beautiful and modern. With wild pieces, it’s easy to create many incredible compositions!

That’s why Red Beard’s Outfitter has prepared a list of 3 pieces ideal for casual men’s looks, full of personality to steal glances wherever you go. Want to know more? So, keep reading and learn how to invest in versatile clothes and where to buy casual clothing for men!

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Men’s Casual Style: 3 Models for You To Try!

Men’s T-Shirts

The T-shirt is the first key piece that cannot be missing from the modern casual man’s wardrobe. This more basic t-shirt model is essential for composing looks that can go with you to the beach, the bank, work, or even a party.

But, make no mistake, what is basic in its light and comfortable cut is sophisticated. There are stylish options with daring colors and prints that are worth investing in. The pieces can be found in a super complete number of colors, with the lighter and more colorful ones being more informal and those with neutral tones being perfect for formal places, such as work.

When it comes to prints, you can choose between men’s t-shirts with colorful foliage, black and white stripes, designs using neutral colors, or those with a more retro touch, reminiscent of the famous patterns of the 70s and 80s. Prints with nerdy references are welcome for those who want to show more personality.

Just pay attention to choosing the fabric and cutting it according to the other pieces in the look. Elegant pants are perfect for a night out, while light shorts are ideal for the men’s summer look you want to enjoy the weekends with family and friends.

Men’s Jeans

An item of clothing that cannot be missing from any wardrobe, whether female or male, is jeans! Practical and comfortable, the piece is perfect to accompany you throughout your workday and even on vacation.

Men’s jeans take on added importance in the casual style for men, as they bring the practicality that is essential in this type of look. In addition to making you super comfortable, they combine with several other pieces on the upper part of the body.

Furthermore, this type of clothing comes in a variety of designs. So, it’s easy to find the model you like the most and feel good about. After all, self-confidence is an essential requirement to look even more beautiful!

Among this variety of jeans, skinny jeans for men are fitted to the body, enhancing the masculine silhouette. They make the outfit super modern and casual – great for a romantic date! Remember that pieces with different details and washes are more appropriate in casual combinations.

Straight men’s jeans are a more neutral alternative, suitable for spaces that require a little more formality. Give preference to pieces in neutral and dark colors – such as black – for more elegant looks. For a business lunch, for example, straight jeans go very well with a polo shirt and a blazer.

Men’s Shirts

Who said that the casual style cannot have touches of sophistication? That’s why shirts are a must-have for guys looking to dive into this practical look. Minimalist prints on this type of piece, for example, bring style and sophistication to practically all occasions.

Classic solids in neutral colors create charming and formal outfits together with fabric pants, which can be in the same color, leaving the look monochromatic and super current. But if you want to balance this chic look and make it less formal, it’s worth opting for shirts with different types of prints, such as men’s floral ones.

Shorter-sleeved shirts look perfect with Bermuda shorts or shorts, making them ideal for summer and going out with friends. Striped models, vertical or horizontal, and plaid give a special touch to the outfit, working super well when combined with fabric pants and shoes in the same color palette at a get-together.

Another look option, which is often underestimated, is to layer a shirt with a t-shirt or tank top. To make the production harmonious, choose pieces with similar tones. Long and short sleeves work really well with pants. If your choice of shorts is shorts, choose short-sleeved ones.


All these inspiration goes well when combined with stylish sunglasses for men. There are more ways to combine your casual clothing but you need clothes with perfect styles, prints, and colors. Hence, we recommend you buy all casual clothing for men at the Red Beard’s Outfitter.

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