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How to dress for a formal event

How to dress for a formal event


Dressing for a formal event often proves challenging for most people as very few have mastered the art of making the right dressing choices. However, that ought not to be the case as you shall see in this article.

The term formal can come in different forms. It can be a gala or charity fundraiser. In most cases, organizers of such events normally make it easy for you by describing the dressing code as “formal attire.” Whereas that is meant to guide attendees in choosing their outfit, for some people, it can be a source of fear to the point their skip attending.

Here is a guide on how to dress up for formal events to help you nail the described dress code without breaking the bank.

Determine the type of event

The first step to finding out what to wear to an event is to know the type of event that you are dealing with. Is it a cocktail party, a gala, a night at the opera, a formal charity occasion, or a wedding?

It does not take a rocket scientist to get this information because you will likely find it on the invitation card. With the information on the type of event, you can make a quick online search of such events held in the past. That can help you to see first-hand the kind of outfit that was acceptable then. It does not necessarily mean what people wore then would work now. However, it functions as a good starting point.

Where and where is the event being held?

In your quest to find out what to wear for a formal event, ensure that you know when and where the event would be held. Get exact timing details of the event to make the right dressing choices. Is it morning, mid-day, or evening affair? If it starts in the morning, will it lead all the way to the evening or night?

Similarly, it will be helpful if you are aware of the place where the event would be held. Is it at a restaurant, hotel ballroom, church, outside tent setup, art gallery, or a banquet hall?

In particular, pay attention to whether there is a color scheme and if you are required to dress as per a certain theme. With these items determined, the question of what you wear to a formal event should no longer prove challenging.

Tuxedos with a bowtie work best for men

The choice of how to dress for a formal party tends to be straightforward for men. In most cases, tuxedos with a bowtie will cut to the chase. Alternatively, you could opt for a customized suit complemented by a statement tie.

The majority of the formal events could be a black-tie affair. Thus, select an outstanding tuxedo or a dark suit with a good-looking necktie or bowtie.

Wide options exist for women

Women have a variety of options when it comes to attending formal events. From a colorful jumpsuit to a little black dress or a formal knee-length cocktail dress, it almost seems as if nothing can go wrong.

As you make these dressing choices, you may wonder can you wear jeans to a formal event. Do not fall into the temptation of wanting to do jeans, boots, sneakers, sandals, or athletic shoes since these are considered too casual. Jeans can only make it to your list when considering how to dress for a semi-formal event.

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