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Are Celebrity-Inspired Engagement Rings Worth It Today?

Are Celebrity-Inspired Engagement Rings Worth It Today?

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Today, finding the best engagement (gemstone) ring for your partner can be pretty challenging. With so many options available today, one needs to be very careful when choosing a suitable ring for an engagement purpose. While there are many ways for finding the best engagement rings, one effective option involves getting inspiration from celebrities.

In the rest of this post, you’ll discover the top 5 best celebrity-inspired gemstone rings for engagement. Irrespective of your muse, we’re sure you’ll certainly find a suitable ring style that will make your engagement worthwhile.

1.   Grande – Pearl Ring

Ariana Grande is an American singer-songwriter and actress. The 29-year-old singer tied the knot with her partner, Dalton Gomez, in 2021. One highlight of Ariana’s marriage is her engagement ring, which is made of pearl.

According to different sources, the price of Ariana’s pearl gemstone ring is between $350k to $800k. The high cost of this ring is associated with its shape, style, and the gemstones used. The pearl engagement ring has an oval diamond, Pearl Birthstone, and a Toi Et Moi style.

You can always get something pretty close to Ariana’s pearl gemstone ring on Masterpiece Jewellery. To pick the right product at an affordable price, you can always speak to our experts for advice.

2.  Meghan Markle – 3 Stone Ring

Another celebrity you can get inspiration from when finding a suitable ring for your engagement is “Meghan Markle”. Meghan was wedded to Prince Harry in May 2018. Before the special day (2017), Prince Harry proposed to Meghan with a stunning three-stone engagement ring. This ring came with a yellow gold band. However, Meghan made some modifications to the ring a year after by removing the yellow gold band and replacing it with a delicate diamond-studded band.

Whether what you want is a diamond-studded band or a yellow-gold band, Masterpiece Jewellery is one store you can rely on to customize your celebrity-inspired ring for your upcoming engagement event. Visit our official website today to find some of the best gemstone rings in this category.

3.  Hailey Bieber – Oval Diamond & Gold Ring

Hailey Bieber is an American media personality and model. She tied the knot with one of America’s finest musicians, Justin Bieber in 2018. 2 months before the big wedding event, Justin Bieber proposed to Hailey with a 10 carats oval diamond. This ring, which was estimated at $250,000, also comes with a hidden halo set on 18k gold, which helps to elevate the entire engagement ring.

Even if you don’t have hundreds of thousands of dollars to spend on an engagement ring, you can always get something pretty close to Hailey Bieber’s gemstone ring on Masterpiece Jewellery. Interestingly, you will be able to get this product for a lower price.

Our products are carefully designed with high quality. We offer Free, fast, and safe shipping regardless of your location across the world. You can visit our official page today to find some of the best products that come close to Hailey’s engagement gemstone ring.

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